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Organic Social Media

Let us develop a customized social media strategy that embraces your audience and streamlines your customer journey. We work our magic, so you don’t have to lift a finger (unless you absolutely want to).

Paid Social Media

Imagine our beautiful brains on all your copy, design, creative, optimization, and more. We think about your business (even in the shower), and you hit – and blow past – your business goals. NBD.

Influencer & User Generated Content

When it comes to marketing, authentic video is the bee’s knees!  We will help connect you to influencers and source high-quality user-generated content that makes your brand shine!

We don’t just implement, we innovate.
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Featured In


An O.G. ice cream brand reinvent itself on social media and get more eyes on their brand. We whipped up visually whimsical posts, using creativity and UGC to tackle trendy topics. Thanks to us, their exhausted team could finally get some good night's sleep. We even got them verified on Instagram in the process!

Space Capital

Once, there was a company called Space Capital, amazing experts in the field of VC and the Space Economy. They needed a magical social media presence to back up their street cred. We arrived with a comprehensive social media strategy and influencer campaign. Now their engagement is skyrocketing.


The founder of PARLAY came to us with a passion for pickleball and a dream to start her own brand. We played a few rounds of naming and strategic brand positioning to build this brand into a winner. Quimby gets to play with PARLAY on the reg to make new designs that keep the fans cheering. SCORE!


One night, Rachel wished she could grow her audience on Instagram and TikTok. Quimby flew in her window and completely took over all things design and strategy. We even helped boost her confidence to go on camera and sourced content creators to bring her brand to life!

We’ve worked with some crazy cool clients.

People are talking about us…

While working with [Quimby Digital], our growth exploded. We got to 100k TikTok followers and 23k insta followers all organically and our downloads increased exponentially… We love them.”

Rachel, Founder, Stardust

From setting up several accounts for new markets, to seeing over 20k impressions within our first 3 months on one platform alone, [Quimby] was with us every step of the way. They brought with them incredible strategic insight and acted as an extension of our team, working closely with sales to ensure we were creating informed leads.”

Kelly, Marketing Director, Electriq Power

Ashley Rector and the staff at [Quimby] helped us develop our brand and created an excellent marketing strategy… They are easy to work with and very responsive to our needs. I highly recommend.”

Dennis, Owner

Get our beautiful brains on your brand.

Our team is stacked with passionate, highly experienced experts who are masters of their digital craft (and love what they do). We live and breathe your brand to make it better and better.

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